-Cost effective Casing running solution -Filling Casing while running in hole


"SmartHose is a casing fill-up tool that enables filling of each joint or stand, either during connection or while running down the joint below rotary. SmartHose is easily attached to the Saver-sub by one person in matter of minutes."

"The innovative design enables a telescope sleeve in the SmartHose to "extends" with the mud flow from the pumps. The sleeve will automatically extend into the casing collar box connection to avoid any spilling of mud on drill floor. When the pumps are turned off, the telscope sleeve retracts to its initial position out of the casing collar box connection, enabling sufficient space to pick up the next casing joint from deck or stand from the set back."

SmartHose function:

Left: -Fully closed/retracted

Right: -Fully open/extended


  • 1600+ l/min (based on configuration) continuous filling while make up of casing connection and while running in hole.
  • Reduce the time open hole is exposed will increasing the chance for successfully reaching planned casing depth.
  • Increased chance of reaching casing depth potentially save contingency liners, reducing complex and costly well design.
  • Filling of each casing joint without unnecessary stops ensure a smooth and continuous speed during running, reducing sticking of casing/liner.
  • Fast, easy installation and operation.
  • Adapt to all type of DDM saver sub connections. (min distance 110cm)
  • Fit all types of casing and liners from sizes 7" and larger.
  • Other sizes available upon request.